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I mostly reblog other people's reblogs with occasional interruptions detailing my weight loss and fitness goals and my progress towards those goals.
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"what is shipping?"

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i have a dresden files theory,thorough cold days,The outsider Nemesis is refered as "the adversary" because apprentely is too dangerous to say his true name out loud,here's the thing,in the bible "The Adversary" is a term people use to refer to Lucifer,do you think the outsiders and satan might be conncected?
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Well. We’re getting an apocalypse, right? We already got the angels and demons throwing some heavy punches into the fight. Why not have some more heavy hitting?

(Granted, whenever I see ‘The Adversary’ mentioned I keep thinking back to Young Wizards. In that case, if you see a well-dressed mysterious figure after reading an oath, approach with caution and try not to die. You can beat him.)

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Nah, Lucifer’s already in play with the Denarians. He’s not going to step directly onto the field unless the White God does, and I’m pretty sure he, like God, would consider the end of reality a bad thing. I doubt he’s even on the Black Council… He probably thinks it’s such petty human BS, the whole “opening the outer gates” Black Council thing.


What the shit is this getting demerits based on making conference postings only on two days of the week instead of stretching it out over the week? I’m taking online classes at your stupid school so that I can arrange it to suit my damn schedule, and if that means I don’t have time to do your stupid conference postings on Mondays and Tuesdays THAT’S WHAT IT MEANS.

The professor’ll give you stupid high grades on poorly executed assignments, but don’t you DARE not participate in the discussion board because pretending to care about people on the Internet is how real learning is done!



Wichtigtuerei - Name dropping. Pomposity. The art of importance-doing.

How do you pronounce the thing

Vick-tig-tour-eye, approximately.

Wichtigtuerei - Name dropping. Pomposity. The art of importance-doing.


Cute Little Rascals!

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I was sitting in a Dunkin Donuts in New Jersey trying to work and these two women came up to me and tried to sell me cologne and I said “No, I’m working” and they said “Please, you deserve a break,” and I don’t know how to be assertive because I want to make sure everyone has a good time and so I…